Middle School

A Time of Growth andDiscovery

Middle school students require a program developed to meet their unique time of life.

Continuing to build a solid academic foundation is essential. However, middle school students are very aware of their social standing and social interactions. The dramatic physical development of this time often creates uncertainty and a strong desire to be included.

Most middle school students have not determined a specific gift to pursue (music, sports, art, or academics). Therefore, a program of exploration with a range of involvements is desirable. Elective offerings in these areas should become increasing challenging so that a student’s aptitude will begin to be seen.

The middle school years are also significant to a child’s spiritual development. As children become young men and women, they begin to understand and assimilate the Bible truths on their own. While continuing to increase Bible knowledge began in the elementary years, it becomes essential for the students to see the personal application of those truths.

Elective Offerings

Our wide array of middle school elective offerings is designed to inspire young minds, encourage exploration, and foster a deep love for learning.



Praise Band




Home Ec



Here at BCS our sports teams seek to glorify God both on and off the court with their effort and attitudes. We work to develop our athletes’ competitive edge through rigorous practices and competition that not only will increase their skill level, but raise their character. All this is done to prepare them for leadership roles in their community to impact others for Christ.


Our volleyball program layers skill development while honoring God with attitude and effort. While emphasizing 3 touches every play & developing position specialization, we know winning does not form identity: a lady Warrior’s identity is in the hands of God who created and redeemed her.


The boys Soccer team is made up of middle and high school level students, competing at both the JV and Varsity levels. We work to develop these young men into leaders both on the field and off, who can become a strong influence in their community showing Christ’s character through their actions.


Beginning in 5th grade and continuing through high school, the boys and girls basketball teams work to develop athletes’ skills over time and compete at the highest level possible. Every program teaches life lessons and develops Christian character, preparing our athletes for life outside of school.

Middle School Campus

Our middle school wing was newly constructed in 2022 and provided the school with four new classrooms, a spacious art room and brand new science lab.

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